Sonnet 57

Sonnet 57 is the final episode in the story of Jennifer McEwan, and her husband Joseph, a civil engineer. Jenny is an adventurous psychologist who has recently completed a doctoral thesis, while Joe is anxious about his wife’s sexual interests and where they might lead.

If you are a new reader, this short resumé will help you understand what is going on!

The adventure begins in our first story Thesis, when Professor Angela Dawney, Jennifer’s Head of Department and research supervisor persuades Jenny to enroll in a consensual slave training programme organised by the adult experience and adventure company, Inward Bound. Angela claimed this would be an excellent psychological laboratory for Jennifer to pursue her research on the changes in an adult’s psychological outlook after participation in consensual slave training games but secretly, the Professor hoped to drive a wedge between Jennifer and her husband and win Jennifer’s affections for herself.

Inward Bound has received investment from what purports to be an international transport business called Freddie Clegg Enterprises but Freddie Clegg also runs a second hidden business, Canopus ImpEx his highly illegal abduction and slavery operation. Freddie and his close lieutenants also have hopes for Jennifer’s research – to help them identify and recruit willing victims.

Angela, anxious to use Jenny’s experiences for her own benefit at the earliest opportunity makes a bungling intervention and brings to Clegg’s attention her innocent but most unfortunate relationship with his arch Russian competitor, Anatoly Kustensky.

Jenny and Angela experience what they imagine to be a CIA inspired “rendition” apparently an investigation into Internet Crime but actually an attempt to discover if they were are agents in the pay of Anatoly.

Such Sweet Sorrow – takes place in the months which follow, when Angela has the opportunity to tell the tale of her ‘rendition’ and interrogation to her friend Anatoly Kustensky. One bright day in London, as Jennifer makes her way to a medical library to pursue her research, she vanishes and despite an extensive and energetic police investigation and the efforts of Joe and her parents, no trace of her can be found.

Tales From a Far Country follows Jennifer’s further adventures after her abduction. She is subjected to a carefully calculated psychological programme designed to change her into Vyera Anatolyevna a slave to Anatoly Kustensky and his family and also to complete her data analysis and research project. One summers evening, after her psychological conditioning appears to have been a complete success and when Anatoly and Svetlana Kustenskaya his wife are aboard their yacht in Stockholm, Sveta suffers an emotional breakdown and releases Jennifer.

Touchdown follows the storm which breaks in the wake of Svetlana’s flamboyant gesture and follows Joseph and Jennifer’s progress as they try to begin life together once more. Meanwhile the police in Sweden and the United Kingdom attempt to discover how she came to disappear and where Jennifer has been. Did she go freely, or was she the victim of an abduction? Out of loyalty to her erstwhile abductors and still under the influence of the brain washing techniques she has endured, Jennifer struggles to keep silence.

Sonnet 57

Sonnet 57 follows events to a conclusion, as the police investigation makes progress, Jennifer’s conditioning begins to decay and the Security and Diplomatic services of the UK and the Russian Federation are drawn into the affaire. Meanwhile Joseph struggles at work as his company merges with a competitor and Petra, corporate enforcer for the Randolf Corporation closes in to force information from Jennifer which might assist Manfred Randolf resolve the problem of his daughter Tracy, also kidnapped in Russia as part of an attempt to force Randolf to pay his debts …

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Such Sweet Sorrow explored Jenny’s return to Inward Bound and what happened next.

Tales From A Far Countryfollowed Jenny’s abduction and her fate in Moscow while

Touchdown” saw the first results of Jenny’s return from captivity.