Tales With Phil Lane

Freddie & Phil have been writing together for around six years after Phil emailed Freddie with some suggestions for the story “Market Forces”.

Since then they’ve collaborated on a number of stories that used some of the Market Forces characters and many new characters too. It’s a fairly ad-hoc partnership with varying contribution from the two over time but these days it’s mainly Phil’s story lines and overall direction with Freddie’s tuning and tweaking and a general keenness on both sides to get things right and produce something that’s a bit more than the average bind-beat-bonkbuster. The latest tale, Sonnet 57, is almost entirely Phil’s work.

The GreenwichTales” followed the adventures of Daphne as she tried to get her life back on track.

Then came a series of stories focused on the trials and tribulations of Jenny and Joe.

The first, “Thesis“, introduced Jenny, Joe and the Inward Bound business.

Such Sweet Sorrow explored Jenny’s return to Inward Bound and what happened next.  “Tales From A Far Countryfollowed Jenny’s abduction and her fate in Moscow while “Touchdown” saw the first results of Jenny’s return from captivity.

“Sonnet 57” is now complete. You can read it here.

There is also a discussion page where readers can share their views.

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