Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

Well, here’s this week’s piece of “I don’t believe it….”

Watching television Friday night on the UK’s All 4 channel, I suddenly see my that four naked, full frontal males are being confronted by a woman. This is a televisual innovation that I had not previously come across.

The program is called “Naked Attraction” and starts with six opaque pods, a woman ‘contestant’ and a presenter. The aim is for the woman to select one of the men in the pods for a date, based on their progressively unveiled naked forms.

The front of the pods lift to show the men naked from the waist down. The woman debates the qualities of the meat on show and rejects one. The pod fronts lift again to show them from thee shoulders down. More debate and one rejected.

Finally she gets to see their faces and another is rejected. A short exchange of words with each follows (the first time the men get to speak) and another goes. Finally the contestant herself gets naked and chooses one man for a date.

naked att

In fairness, the second half of the programme has things the other way around but I started off thinking this was really an example of female led relationships getting into the mainstream media…

(Although both filmed dates seemed to go well in the program I watched the follow up a month later showed that the link ups were terrible failures….)

I’m sure we can all imagine a slightly stronger version, but even so!

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