The Old Order…

Changeth, Yielding Place to New.*

Nimrod just posted on his blog describing how he goes about creating some of his images. As part of that he expresses his sadness that “the furtive, underground bizarre seems to have fallen by the wayside at the same rate as its commercial exploitation has flooded the mainstream.”

Ιt’s an idea that Sardax reflected on in a recent post too, lamenting the passing of the pervy side of Soho in London. (For an excellent audio sense of the place as it used to be try Al Stewart’s “Soho, Needless to Say“)

I’d go further and say that the commercial exploitation has flooded the backwaters and hidden ditches of sexuality too. Tumblr tells us what our kinks should look like now. I regret the passing of the days when perversion was a creative act. I know my own work is often derivative but in my defence it is derived from many sources. Too much of the world of kink today feels like a psycho-sexual ready-meal, deep frozen but instantly re-heatable for ease of consumption. Except of, course. it’s someone else’s recipe.

I may be perverted but they’re MY perversions, dammit!

* This quote is from Tennyson’s “Morte d’Arthur”

2 thoughts on “The Old Order…

  1. sardaxart May 25, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    Yes, in fact it takes an effort of will to remove oneself from the flood of porn and attempt to be original, which came naturally before the deluge. I see now I don’t have the same originality as before -or maybe that’s just the ageing of the brains movements! In any case I fear that it will be difficult for an aspiring artist coming after me to stay away from the ready-meal restaurants and start cooking for himself -I live in hope!

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