The Quest For The Black Qipao

OK, this is the title for my new story. I’ve written a chunk of it but it’s nowhere near complete. Even so, I’m going to start posting it and see how it goes. This may lead to some continuity challenges but I’ll try to manage my way around them!

Watch out for the first chapter soon!

As promised, it’s a story set in the world first introduced in “New Order, New Opportunity and it’s a sequel to “A Well Trained Man“.

Some of the scenarios in the tale were inspired by the drawings of Nimrod. His vision of eastern dominatrixes is one that I’ll confess to being fond of. Many of the scenes in this story and, in particular, the characters of Madame Chao and Bernard (who also appeared in “A Well Trained Man”) were inspired by his images. You can find his work at It’s recommended! Equally the incomparable Sardax has produced many images that have contributed to aspects of this work.

By way of background….

The New Order party was elected to Government in the UK fourteen years ago. As a result of pro-female policies attracting women voters and political cynicism, indifference and divided loyalties among men, the New Order Government found itself installed with a majority that allowed it to put its radical manifesto policies into practice. New Order governs ostensibly for the benefit of all but in practice with significant restrictions on men. By establishing a society in which women have the governing hand, New Order has created a more stable society that is popular with all women and even with many men. Re-elected again after two five year terms (having eventually completely disenfranchised males politically), New Order’s approach to gender politics continues to dominate the political agenda – and the men. As time has passed, women have become used to their new found power and take for granted the position they now enjoy.

In “A Well Trained Man”, Bernard Lewis thought he had a comfortable position working as a station cleaner for a railway company but his complacency was upset when he was told to help out with an exhibition at the station. This is what happened after that…

The characters are, of course, fictitious as is the Chinese art of domination that forms such an important part of the plot.

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