What’s Up Next?

Well, I’m not sure but I’ve been working on a couple of things so we will see.

However, I would like to ask for some advice from readers here on one aspect of a story I am writing.

I am working on a sequel to the story “Well Trained Man” (so well illustrated by Nimrod, see above).  The new story is still set in New Order Britain and in it we learn about the (imagined by me) ancient Chinese art of “Man Control” as practiced by the girls of the Sunrise company.

Google translate gives me “Rén Kòngzhì” (人控制) as the Chinese translation of “Man Control” but I’d love to know if this really makes sense. So, if you know, I’d like to hear from you: freddie_clegg@yahoo.com.

(Since this post I’ve been advised that Kòngzhì Rén is a better rendering. The original means “man in control” which is not at all what was intended!)

Let's hear from you....

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