Jenny & Joe Book 5

Just a short update from Phil Lane who is doing virtually all of the writing on Book 5 of the Jenny & Joe saga with much help from a friendly editorial team in the shape of J Spe and his elves…

Phil promises on pain of death (or enslavement by Steve Glennis) that Book 5 (yet to be titled) will definitely, absolutely, certainly, be published by 16 06 16 and earlier if he can possibly do it!

Well, you can’t argue with that as a New Year resolution. 🙂 I’ve seen chunks of the work as its progressing and I am sure it won’t disappoint Jenny & Joe’s many fans.


One thought on “Jenny & Joe Book 5

  1. Knud Lauridsen January 10, 2016 / 8:48 pm

    I´ve been looking forward to the new book, can´t wait ! Please hurry up.

    Kind regards KL

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