Educational Nostalgia

downloadNo. it’s not a case of Old Skool but an updated version of my first story Education, Education, Education.

I’ve been looking through the old PDF’s of my stories to update them with this blog’s url and started off with this, the very first Freddie Clegg story. The version I’ve published here comes with an extra that hasn’t been available for a long time.

The story was originally published as a series of posts at the now defunct message board of and the plot and characters evolved as the story progressed. (Very different, I fear, from the carefully plotted nature of much modern fiction) Some of the characters were other posters on the board. At the end of it, I exchanged a series of posts with one of the other subscribers on the board, Sofronia Strong, regarding the fate of one of the participants. Those exchanges are included here for the first time as a bit of nostalgia for the Abductor board.

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