A Plea To Readers…

Over the last three months there have been over 2000 downloads of stories from this site.

That’s great. I’m pleased that people are finding this stuff. After all, that’s why I put it up here.

In the same time there have been just four comments (especial thanks to Servitor & Femsup).

Maybe people are downloading this stuff and never reading it? Or maybe they’re reading it and think it’s awful? Or maybe they don’t think I want to hear from them?

So here is a plea: PLEASE let me have your feed back. If there’s stuff you like and you’d like more of let me know. If there’s stuff you think is really stupid and abysmal, well, I’d rather not go on making the same mistakes (unless I think you’re wrong, of course…. but I want to hear anyway).

You can use the comment box at the bottom of any page or you can email me: freddie_clegg@yahoo.com.

Steam Punk News

For anyone wondering what I’ve been up to over the last while, I’ve been revisiting the steam punk world that I first created in “The Adjustment of Nicola James“.

As is often the case when I go back to things, I found some typo’s in the original story which are corrected in a new PDF available from the link above.

The new story will reacquaint the reader with the world of our unnamed narrator and feature some of the characters from other stories in that series (see them all here) including Aristides Poloi and the infuriating Amelia Knight. It will also have (spoiler alert!) a femdom element not found in the earlier stories

I’ve got a pretty good idea how the story starts and how it ends up – now I’ve just got to join up the two ends!

New Order Background

The story New Order New Opportunity is set in 2029, 8 years after the election of New Order and their creation of a female-led society in the UK.

Other New Order stories explore lives of UK citizens under the regime. Recently a question was asked about tourists visiting a New Order UK.

Luckily there is now some guidance that also gives a little bit of the background to the founding of New Order…………..

New Order Britain : A Rough Guide

Office Beetle

In response to almost no enthusiastic requests, here’s another Beetle book.

This time it’s all about life in the office. A handy guide for those who feel not safe at work. You can download it here: The Beetle Book of NSAW.

Thanks – as ever – to all the great picture sites & Tumblr feeds that provided the inspiration.

Beetle Work Front Page_01

If you like this then there are more Beetle books here. (and some other office domination comics)


The Stamp of Approval

In my recent post, More Fetish Weirdness, I speculated what sort of stamps the New Order Government might issue.

By great good fortune, while browsing my Stanley Gibbons magazine, I have uncovered a set of proposed commemorative stamps that New Order intend to issue in recognition of some of their achievements.

(If you are puzzled by what is referred to here, try my story New Order, New Opportunity or any of the other New Order femdom tales.).

Anyway, I thought I would share the New Order proposals with you. These are for 1st Class (next day delivery), self-adhesive stamps. I dread to think what the ones you have to lick might look like.. 🙂

British Design Stamps 2009 The introduction of the male curfew in the early days of the New Order Government, followed by the launch of the Male Control Force to ensure enforcement was a major step in ensuring the policies and objectives of New Order would be achieved, making streets and homes safer for women.

Detention Centres were needed to provide a way of rehabilitating those that fall short of the government’s standards of behaviour.

The New order Government has been keen to help women manage the men in their household. Grants have been available for a wide range of restraint and confinement systems for use in the home to encourage women to keep males controlled.
Providing grants for home cages helped reduce male curfew offences, so lowering the costs of Male Detention Centres.
The new arrangements for male employment, with a strict bar on men being employed in any role involving decision making has given a boost to productivity in the UK economy.

Improved management of the male work force by female supervisors has significantly improved the effectiveness of British business.

New Order has recommended strict chastity control methods for men as a way of improving male conformance to the new social order and encouraging female leadership in the decisions on sexual activity.

The availability of grants for chastity management devices has improved the extent of their use and has reduced instances of male anti-social behaviour as a result.

Although some have decried the use of fetish imagery and methods in the management of males it has been shown that programmes exploiting male obsessions are often particularly effective.

Extended foot worship courses provided at government centres have helped develop men’s appropriate response to women at home and in the workplace.

More Fetish Weirdness

I talked about the early inspiration I got from comic strips in my post “Origins”.

Plodding through the undergrowth of the internet today following up on the sad news of Steve Ditko’s death (Marvel artist responsible for Spider Man and – more to my taste – Doctor Strange – part, along with Mandrake the Magician, of the inspiration for the Gregg Gilstrom stories) at 90, I found reference to the fact that he shared a studio in the ’60’s with fetish artist Eric Stanton. There have been various claims about how much the two collaborated – denied by Ditko – but it’s not hard to see some influences in both directions.

More weird though was the discovery that Stanton’s drawings had been used as the basis of some forged stamps from Kyrgystan.


It’s obviously a revenue source that the New Order Government will be looking to exploit.