Monologue For A Maid

After writing “Audition” which used just dialogue to move the action along, I’ve written a story that works with just one character speaking.

tumblr_ozdp0b75Ht1t3imyxo1_1280v3In “Confronting the Maid“, a mistress talks to her slave as she supervises his preparation for an evening’s duties. We only get to hear her side of things but, after all, that’s probably all that matters.

He’s not very happy about things (as soon becomes clear) but his Mistress isn’t very interested in taking much notice.

If you aren’t a fan of forced feminisation stories, this probably isn’t for you. Otherwise I think you’ll find it a fun short story, that let’s you put yourself in the place on the unfortunate individual on the receiving end of his Mistress’s disapproval.

See what you think.

If you like this you may also enjoy this template Male Maid Agreement (updated to correct some typo’s in the earlier version)

The End of the Quest

Well, I promised it before Christmas and since I’m sitting here surrounded by deep snow, I thought I’d take the opportunity to finish off The Quest for the Black Qipao.

bq.pngHere are the last two chapters:-

Chapter 29: Goodbye to All That

Chapter 30: Retrospective

I hope you have enjoyed the adventures of Fara and her friends. If you haven’t read the story so far, the whole thing is available here.

I will publish a downloadable PDF version shortly.

Hints For Authors

These doesn’t just apply to BDSM literature, by the way but here is a thought resulting from a correction that I had to make to Chapter 27 of The Quest for the Black Qipao….

  1. If you have a poor memory, it probably isn’t sensible to have characters with the names Barry, Harry and Gary.
  2. Even if you have a good memory you should consider whether your readers can keep track of a story in which there are three characters called Gary, Barry and Harry.
  3. If you insist on having characters called Harry, Barry and Gary you had better face up to the fact that at some point you are going to get them muddled up with each other. (or in this case with a character called Jim – no excuse for that really)
  4. You should have learned this lesson already when you’ve written a story (Market Forces) with characters called Harry (no relation) and Larry where one of them gets confused for someone called Garry (no relation either…).

At least I didn’t compound the problem with a female character called Sally.

Ho hum, all is fixed now…..