I’m In Doubt…

as to whether I should post this.

It was inspired by recent events which have had the effect of making me feel uncomfortable with some of my turn-ons.

I guess that some could accuse me of exploiting a particularly unpleasant episode that has had an appalling affect on a lot of women, but perhaps it’s a cautionary tale.

burne_jones_rock_of_doomI’ll just say that its set at an audition for a movie.  So, if you don’t think that the crimes of a real life Hollywood mogul are a suitable ins[piration for a story here then give this a miss.

It’s also the first time I’ve written a story  – albeit a short one, at 800 words – that is solely in dialogue.

See what you think.


(If you don’t know the story behind this tale and aren’t sure what happens to the villain there is a good version here which should give you a clue.)


Apologies for the lack of updates to the Quest for the Black Qipao this week but my editor has a problem in real life and hasn’t been able to get the next chapters to me.

I don’t want to post without his input as invariably he picks up things I have missed; typos, grammatical mistakes, poor or confusing punctuation, inconsistencies and just plain mistakes. (In Contractual Obligations he spotted that I changed the name of a character in one chapter, that’s how sloppy my writing can get!) Not only that he sits in for the poor reader and helpfully points out that while I might know what’s going on the reader is likely to be confused by sudden jumps of situation or (a particular failing of mine) unlikely coincidences.

I’ll post the next chapter of Qipao as soon as I can.

Fara’s Big Test

Finally, Fara gets her chance to demonstrate the skills she has acquired in her studies so far.

yellow qipao dress 1.jpgMary Tang conducts the examination as Fara attempts to earn her yellow qipao.

Bernard gets the chance to prove he is at least useful as a way for the girls to demonstrate their skills.

You can read about it here:-

Chapter 20 : A Question of Competence

You can find the whole story here:

The Quest for the Black Qipao

And you can learn more about the ancient art that Fara is studying in:  The Beetle Book of Kòngzhì Rén.


David’s Damsels

I’ve carried a link to David Addison’s blogs on my link page for a while. He is a generous commissioner of stories and pictures and has built up a great collection of material that broadly fits in the “Bound Babes in Blouses with Buttoned Breast Pockets” genre but actually spans the whole damsel-in- distress genre pretty well.

PHM art for David Addison, used with acknowledgment.

There’s a focus on captives in uniform and helpless victims ravished by their captors.

I’ve done a couple of stories that were inspired by the material on his site, Port of Call: Photocall (which looks at the misadventures of a cruise ship crew during a trip ashore in the Arabian Gulf) and Ceres Sexual Assault (a bit of sci-fi space opera).

David has a new blogspot, that combines art, stories and stuff from the main stream media, so for those of you that are fans of this stuff.

I’m happy to promote it here…  MyFavDamsels.

I’ll update the links page shortly.

I’ve got another tale that I started which I might find a way to complete. If I do, you’ll hear about it here first!